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For our purposes the East Cape comprises the entire eastern (Sea of Cortez) side of the Baja peninsula from Punta Pescadero (just north of Los Barriles), south to the eastern edge of the new marina in San Jose del Cabo.  Because of the proximity of Los Barriles and (Rancho) Buena Vista we refer to them as one community.

The East Cape of Baja is an area of white sand beaches with warm, crystal clear waters that make for excellent diving, some of the world's best sport fishing, world class windsurfing and kiteboarding. The area is home to some beautiful resorts, a living coral reef and mile after mile of exceptionally beautiful, and sometimes, well hidden beaches.The East Cape Baja resorts are mostly in or near the Los Barriles/Buena Vista area, on the shores of Bahía Las Palmas.  There are a few farther south along the coast and one to the north.  The resorts of the East Cape tend to be somewhat small in size, as resorts go, but large on hospitality, which is a pleasant change that many vacationers are seeking out in Baja. 

Cabo Pulmo Park is located just 60 miles north of Baja’s tourism epicenter, Los Cabos. This jewel of the East Cape region of Baja California Sur stretches five miles from the northernmost tip, Pulmo Point to the southernmost tip, Los Frailes. Surrounded by undeveloped desert and a stunning mountain range, the pristine beaches of Cabo Pulmo Park give way to a shallow bay that cradles one of three living reefs (the only hard coral reef) in North America.For many years, this precious place went unprotected. But through the tenacious efforts of the Cabo Pulmo community, in 1995, the waters offshore from Cabo Pulmo were designated a National Marine Park by the Mexican government.  Over the past 10 years, the park has endured pressures from commercial fishing and abuse from visitors that are simply unaware or uneducated. Additionally, in a region where the locals live on the seafood they catch by hand, enforcing a ban on fishing presents a challenge. However, both Mexican and American residents are committed to protecting the marine environment and promoting sustainable fishing practices. And so it is the intention of this website to support the local community by involving 

the east cape

between la paz and san jose del cabo, the magnificent sea of cortez