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           desert fig                         devil's claw                                dodder                     elephant tree            ibervillea sonrae

   century plant                  cholla cactus            baja wild plum              baja wild cotton              coyote melon

baja fairy duster       baja passionflower          baja wild rose                   bitter melon                      brittlebush

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BAJA´S BOUNTY: Our beautiful semi-tropical desert landscape of Baja may look, to the casual observer, like a monolithic panorama, incapable of sustaining vitality.  A ¨moonscape¨, as I have heard some first time visitors call it..  Nothing could be farther from the truth!  The uniqueness of our terrain and climate has created a plethora of life, adapting itself so uniquely to the challenges of this particular environment that some species can only be found here in Baja. Explore with me, the bounty which is Baja…by Cheryl Miller