The city of San José del Cabo is located in Baja California Sur, Mexico and is the seat of the municipality of Los Cabos at the south end of the Baja California peninsula. In the 2010 census, it had a population of 69,788. Together with neighboring Cabo San Lucas, it forms a major tourist destination for travelers, with over 900,000 hotel guests in 2011.  The two cities are served by Los Cabos International Airport.
The Mission San José del Cabo was founded in 1730; the nearby Río San José was useful to the Spanish as a source of fresh water for galleons traveling to and from the Philippines.
San José del Cabo is one of two places where the rare and possibly extinct rice rat Oryzomys peninsulae has been found.


 San Jose del Cabo was officially founded as a mission in 1730. The first expeditions to explore the area were carried out by Cortés, as early as 1535. The rich and colorful history of San Jose del Cabo includes pirates, Jesuit missionaries and Indian uprisings. Stories of the colorful past have been handed down over generations and can be heard, even today, coming from the lips of the locals in the town square.
​ San Jose del Cabo is the county seat of Los Cabos and therefore the city bustles with the daily business of local government and the stress placed upon the city by the incredible popularity and growth of the area. The hustle and bustle just seems to fade into the background more easily here than in other busy cities.
​ San Jose del Cabo is a city of neat and clean residential neighborhoods, some new and some that are very old. The newer neighborhoods seem to be spreading out to the north and west of the historic center. The very first golf course in southern Baja is located here and although the municipal course offers but nine holes, it is still a lot of fun and very affordable. There are many nice homes built around the golf course, which is near the beach in an expanding area of the city. The 40,000 residents enjoy a comfortable and healthy lifestyle. There are jobs here for anyone who wants to work and the zero unemployment factor results in a high quality lifestyle, with very little crime.
​ A beautiful protected estuary covers a large area on the southeast edge of the city. Over 100 species of birds inhabit the estuary along with a variety of turtles, fish and some pretty exotic marine mammals. Bird watching can be incredible and is easily accomplished from many different angles. ATV and Kayak tours are also of the estuary area are available. The easiest way to get to the estuary is to go the the far east end of the hotel zone, near the Hotel Presidente, there you will find a viewing area by the Italian restaurant. There are also horses and ATV’s available to rent nearby.
​ The new  Puerto Los Cabos Marina will encompass much more than just the 535 slip marina. The master plan calls for a whole new resort community along the shores of the Sea of Cortez, where the village of La Playita is now located. The new community will integrate the existing village and will include the marina complex, mission/museum, ecological/culture park, luxury residences, fishing, and two championship golf courses. The residential area and golf courses will cover the foothills that lie directly to the east of La Playita and also includes a section of beachfront lots. A special part of the marina is set aside for the current Panga Fleet and the plan is to include restaurants, shopping and hotels. We will keep updating the progress of this mega project that will certainly be changing the character of the whole San Jose del Cabo area, hopefully for the better.

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