Every Sunday, dirt roads throughout Baja beckon me.  My trusty grandson, Gabriel and I find some of the most secluded, beautiful places in Baja…Allow us share our experiences with you.  If you have a great spot off the beaten path, let me know, we’d love to check it out and share.

TOP OF THE MOUNTAIN.    Fantastic Views

Don´t want to sit in a car all day?  Want a little exercise with a big pay off?  Try this hike to the top of the highest mountain in Cabo. 


A hike to the top of the mountain where the weather station sits here in Cabo  San Lucas, probably will take you 45 minutes to and hour, depending on your hiking speed.  The road is steep and switches back and forth many times to get you up to the zenith, but the views from the top are absolutely breath taking.  If it is hot, start at day break, and take your time.  But once you get there, sit and enjoy the peace and quiet of this special place.  The mountain top also has a variety of plants life that is not common on the lower elevations, such as Century Plants and wild vines.  And you can see for miles along the coastline towards San Jose, including the Medano Bay and the lands end formation.  You can overlook Pedregal, and the entire Pacific shoreline.  And you get the best bird´s eye view of the growth of Cabo San Lucas and its surrounding deserts without learning to fly! 


The mountain top is home to Cabo San Lucas manned weather station, where information is gathered and sent to the Comision Federal de Agua, and the Servicios Meteorológica Nacional.  You can find the results of their information gathering on the following website:  This website also publishes bulletins and warnings for storms and hurricanes.  It is a useful website to bookmark.  The weather station is manned daily by employees, and although you may not tour the weather station, the employees are friendly and welcome you to the top of the mountain, as long as you respect the environment and their equipment.  Say hi to Carlos for me, and make sure to hike out any trash when you leave!


To get there, drive towards the Hotel Bonito Sunset Beach north on Miguel Angel Herrera.  Turn left on Via Lerry.  Just before the manned guard house, there is a dirt road to the left with a metal gate across the road about 500 ft. from Via Lerry.  Park on the side, out of potential traffic flow.  Take the dirt road to the top by foot.

 2015 Update: Recently grading has begun taking place. The availibility to enter and walk to the top of this mountain may soon be limited or prohibited. 

Degree of  difficulty:  Strenuous.  Take water with you.

top of the mountain in cabo san lucas