What is that New Building in the Marina?

By: Cheryl MIller, Broker, Baja Realty and investment
Located right next to the Cultural Center with its main doors facing the Marina Malecon, a new white/grey and orange trimmed building is scheduled to be inaugurated and opened for business very soon.

CAPTA. Hmmmm. What is that?  CAPTA, standing for Centro de Attencion y Procteccion Touristica en Los Cabos (SPANISH), or Center for Tourist Attention and Protection in Los Cabos, in English is a multi-level, multi service organization aimed at aiding tourists here in Los Cabos, both foreign and national tourists. (The services are not available to residents from this center, only visitors.)

This one building houses branches of the government from the Federal, State and Municipal levels, as well as the Captain of the Port, travel assistants, bilingual psychologists, Immigration, Profeco, the office of the Directors of Tourism from both the State and Municipal level, Ministerio Publico, Proteccion Civil, Fiscal Inspection, and a doctor on staff; all aimed solely to guide, aid and assist foreign and national visitors.  It also will have representatives permanently stationed there from the Municipal, State and Federal police.  And it contains meeting rooms for the Municipal President, State Governor or Federal levels to meet with the public to solve extreme issues.

In addition, the building was designed and built to withstand Category 5 Hurricane forces, and will house Cabo San Lucas’ emergency service agencies and will function as the location for the entire area’s emergency control center.  A location that will be buzzing with activity during hurricanes, floods, or other disasters and thankfully quiet in normal times.

CAPTA also is developing a 911 emergency call center and command center, whose bilingual staff will stay on the line with non-Spanish speaking persons to assist them through their entire emergency.

The director of CAPTA, Oscar Manriquez Palacios, states that CAPTA will also act as ombudsmen, taking complaints from tourists who feel they have been wronged and CAPTA will coordinate immediate resolutions, through arbitration or filing of civil or criminal charges against those few in our community who have wronged our precious visitors.  Complaints can be as small as overcharging on your dinner bill to fraud or assault.   CAPTA will not get involved in actual contractual disputes, such as hiring a contractor or a real estate transaction; that is the domain of the Mexican courts, but, they will take complaints against offerings of time share or property ownership on the basis of fraud, where a vender says he represents a product, but does not; or if the product doesn’t exist.

Lastly, if you get hurt, sick or have a member of your party die while in Los Cabos? CAPTA has services to assist you and is in direct communication with the U.S. and Canadian consulates here.

CAPTA is meant to be a one-stop help center for all tourists.  Good Job Los Cabos!

(The name CAPTA, MAY change in the next few months, but the services offered will remain the same.)

For visitors to Los Cabos, you can reach CAPTA at these telephone numbers: 624-105-1532, 624-105-0551, 624-105-0442 or 624-143-7237. An email address and website are still being developed. Look for its Grand opening Soon.

By Cheryl T. Miller, Broker of Baja Realty and investment, A full service real Estate Office with a combined total of decades of experience here in the Baja!  Contact Cheryl at 011-521-624-122-2690 or info@forsaleinbaja.com, www.forsaleinbaja.com