Every Sunday, dirt roads throughout Baja beckon me.  My trusty grandson, Gabriel and I find some of the most secluded, beautiful places in Baja…Allow us share our experiences with you.  If you have a great spot off the beaten path, let me know, we’d love to check it out and share.

Off to the Races – Right here in Baja!

Yes, that´s right, horse races right here in Baja!

Miss the action of fast-running muscular beauties crossing the finish line to the cheers and sneers of the betting crowd?  Miss it no more.  Although not slick and not as comfortable as the famous tracks and box seats in the US, the competitive thrill of these smaller venues here in Baja still get your blood rushing and the crowd excited.

¨Taste¨ - the common name of the horse races or Carreras de Caballos, in Spanish, are held all over the La Paz and Los Cabos counties, put on by  the Ejidos of the area.  The venues are mainly a four or five horse start, and run straight courses.  Cover at most tracks is $100 pesos per person, with parking onsite.  Kids welcome. Betting, is up to you!

The track here in Cabo San Lucas normally opens in October, in celebration of the Fiesta de Cabo San Lucas.  Martin Herrera of the Ejido, reports it will be a very active day here at the CSL track, with races starting at 4PM, including music and food and end between 6 and 7PM.  Afterward, go to the Delegation and continue the party.  It is Cabo San Lucas Day!  Best to get to the track earlier than 4PM to get parking and seats.  Gates open at 2PM.  A horse auction is scheduled immediately following the races.  In the past the Ejido had purchased horses from Oklahoma and are auctioning them to the highest bidders.  It is their hope that these auctions will increase the quality of the horses here in Baja and improve the racing status of the tour. 
Check the local papers, Ejido Offices for times and dates.

  In addition to the CSL track, there are tracks in San Jose del Cabo, Santiago, Migrino, La Paz and

Todos Santos.  Normally they alternate locations for races, but it is best to contact Martin at 624-151-6056 or the local Ejido for race dates and times.  The races in Santiago continue through the summer months of July, August and September, although not as often due to the heat. 

To get to the Cabo San Lucas track, take Leona Vicario all the way north.  It will become a dirt road.  Before you reach the CSL airport, there is a dirt road to the right and a sign saying to Candelaria¨.  Turn right, proceed to the guard gate, let them know you are going to Taste.  Continue on the dirt road until the first fork.  Take the left hand fork and continue about 6 km.s.   A large sign on the right saying ¨Taste Ejido CSL¨ announces where you turn right through the gates. 
The newer stadium in Migrino is right off the highway in Migrino.
Have fun! 

By Cheryl Miller
Degree of difficulty:  Moderate.... Go slow, passenger cars will do fine!

off to the races!  Horse racing in the baja